Logging in to Online Banking
Use this page to sign in to your online banking account.

To enroll in online banking services:
  1. Enter your username and password in the boxes.
  2. Click Login.

If you are logging in from your usual computer and browser, you will be able to view your TrueStamp, a picture and phrase that you selected during your initial enrollment.

  • If you are logging in from your usual computer and browser and do not see your TrueStamp, you may have not reached the actual online banking site and have reached a fraudulent phishing site instead.
  • We recommend that you never access the online banking site from any e-mail message you receive. Instead, type the URL to the online banking site in the browser or select online banking from your favorites menu. Contact Customer Service if you have any security concerns.
  • If you are logging in to online banking from another browser and/or another computer, you will not see your TrueStamp the first time you sign in. Your TrueStamp will display on the Login page the next time you log in from the other browser and/or computer.
Other Options:
  • Use the Take Me To menu to select the page you want to navigate to immediately when you are logged in.
  • Use the checkbox to select a different destination page for this and subsequent logins.
  • Click Forgot Your Password? to create a new password; you’ll be asked to answer one or more security questions to verify your identity.
  • Click Try a demonstration to take an interactive tour of online banking.
  • Click Enroll in Online Banking to enroll yourself in online banking. You may wish to have account information available for enrollment, such as recent bank statement.
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